In your opinion what is the best Kathy Reichs book?

Question by ♫case♪: In your opinion what is the best Kathy Reichs book?
I love the Bones series on Fox and wanted to read the books that made the show by Kathy Reichs but i was wondering what the best or your favorites were. please answer asap!!! thanks :)

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Answer by Shelfie58
I don’t recall all the titles because most of them have the word “bones” in them but the last one I read “206 Bones” was pretty good. I think if you look inside the cover of one of her books you will find which were written first because there are relationships that change over the course of several novels. Which can naturally be confusing if you don’t read them in some kind of order. There are a lot of differences in the books as opposed to the series, namely the male protagonist isn’t her constant companion in the books and she moves around to different places to work her cases. But I think I enjoyed all of them except the one set in South America. I don’t think I finished that one. I find them fascinating, how they can tell how old a person is or whether they are male or female by their bones.

Enjoy reading them!

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