My Lazy by Roger Hargreaves

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From one of the fabulous collection of Mr Men books by Roger Hargreaves ‘Little Miss Shy’. Images and dialogue copyright Roger Hargreaves. I just do these books as I come across them in my daughters extensive book library. She’s a great little book worm unlike me:-)). My second video in the series so far.My inspiration comes initially from the original mid 1970′sanimated tv programme I grew up watching then as narrated and written by Roger Hargreaves. My newer inspiration comes from my daughter who is a big fan of the books and now the original 1970′s tv series I gave to her on dvd. This my second book to do so far in the Mr Men saga. Storyboard set up from original book: Glenvis. Video production, editing, narration and sound effects: Glenvis Guitar arrangement (inspired by the original theme)/ vocals: Glenvis Spontaneous guest narrator: (my daughter) For: Mother & Daughter. From:Dad. 07/12 :-)

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